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We are expecting puppies from Sage and Boss Hogg in August!

You can see pictures of Sage and Boss under Males and Females

Puppies are due mid-August 2015.
Established in 1982

Tekla Castillo has been breeding top quality American Pit Bull Terriers
for 30 years. She is the originator of the world renown Castillo
Bloodline. These dogs have probably the best line bred 'Champion'
and 'Grand Champion' UKC Purple Ribbon bloodlines you will ever see.
Heavy Champion and Grand Champion background

Excellent for family pets, show, or guard dogs. Muscular dogs with
strength, beauty, and intelligence stemming from the Hemphill/Wallace
foundation breedings between 'Red Brava' and Purple Ribbon 'Hazard
These Breedings Produce greats like:
There are many examples of other breedings between these beautiful
Champions and Grand champions with dogs of other lines from
different kennels, however, you do not get the same colors, size, and
look as their Castillo Parents and Grandparents. That is not the case
here! You can look at a Castillo pit bull and tell they are all from one
line, something not found with many pit bull breeders of the past or
History, quality and Consistency!
For More Information
Please contact Tekla Castillo for all breeding,
stud-service, and pup inquiries.
By Phone: (951)544-4497
By Email: Californiapits@gmail.com

Please keep this in mind when deciding to go
forward with getting a pup. Your deposit will hold
your place and pick in line.
California Pits
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